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Reliability and quality are paramount when it comes to utilizing medical and scientific gases and liquids. The Tech Air Companies� medical and scientific gases and liquids meet the highest standards of quality and safety in the industry.

We also understand how important it is to have the products your daily business relies on whenever you need them. The Tech Air Companies offer online ordering of medical gas and scientific gas cylinders with the convenience of next business day delivery to select locations.

Choose from the list of medical gases and scientific gases below for more information about their properties, uses and availability.

Featured Products

Air (PDF)
Argon (PDF)
Carbon Dioxide (PDF)
Helium (PDF)
Nitrogen (PDF)
Nitrous Oxide (PDF)
Oxygen (PDF)

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Other products available:

Air (Medical) (PDF)  Hydrogen Bromide (PDF)
Ammonia (PDF)  Hydrogen Chloride (PDF)
Argon Mixtures (PDF)  Isobutane (PDF)
Boron Trichloride (PDF)  Krypton (PDF)
Boron Trifluoride (PDF)  Methane (PDF)
1,3-Butadiene (PDF)  Methyl Chloride (PDF)
n-Butane (PDF)  Methyl Fluoride (PDF)
1-Butene (PDF)  Monomethylamine (PDF)
Cis-2-Butene (PDF)  Neon (PDF)
Carbon Dioxide U.S.P. (PDF)  Nitric Oxide (PDF)
Carbon Monoxide (PDF)  Nitrogen Dioxide (PDF)
Chlorine (PDF)  Nitrogen NF (PDF)
Deuterium (PDF)  Nitrous Oxide U.S.P. (PDF)
Dimethyl Ether (PDF)  Oxygen U.S.P. (PDF)
Dry Ice (PDF)  Propane (PDF)
Ethane (PDF)  Propylene (PDF)
Ethylene (PDF)  Sulfur Dioxide (PDF)
Halocarbon C318 (PDF)
  Sulfur Hexafluoride (PDF)
Helium U.S.P. (PDF)  Trimethylamine (PDF)
Hexafluoropropylene (PDF)  Xenon (PDF)
Hydrogen (PDF)