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Installation & Service

We have excitingly moved up a curve in the cryo-bio area from just selling stand-alone cryogenic freezers to installing very sophisticated engineered Cryo-Storage Systems - by teaming up with Acme Cryogenics and Taylor-Wharton.

We engineered, designed and installed an entire cryo-preservation facility at Sloan Kettering with remote telemetry monitoring - utilizing the latest technology in vacuum jacketed piping, cryo-storage systems and electronic controls.

Recently Tech Air had also engineered, developed and fabricated a custom blood bank within Columbia University - Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York. Our knowledgeable professionals used a broad spectrum of talent to create even the most detailed and complex cryogenic freezer system, vacuum jacketed piping, and a state of the art alarm system - which is specifically designed to alert the staff of important required liquid levels that are medically needed - providing a proven quality system such as this and extending the highest professional support necessary is what makes Tech Air the company we are today.