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Cryostorage Facilities

Tech Air offers Certified Technicians that are factory trained and specialize in working with the latest cryogenic systems as well as their detailed components. The unique strengths and extensive expertise these professionals have to offer implement solutions for a wide range of success used in a variety of industries.

For the finest in certified technicians - with the knowledge you are looking for - please contact Katy Haley directly at 203-731-8983. She is available to assist you with any questions, concerns and or cryogenic inquiries that you may have at anytime.

Turnkey Cryostorage Facilities

Tech Air has recently commissioned a Turnkey Cryo-Preservation facility for a major New York Medical Center in partnership with Taylor-Wharton, Pacer Electronics and Acme Cryogenics.

Our certified technicians designed and installed the FDA-regulated facility with cryogenic freezers, VJ piping, electronic filling controls, remote alarm panel and cryo-storage software. In addition, we have a significant business in laser assist gases that we service with a Chart Orca delivery vehicle set up for liquid nitrogen.