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Taylor-Wharton Dewars

Tech Air is a leading supplier of cryogenic equipment. We have a team of experts who are focused on serving the biotechnology industry and devoted to providing you with the highest in proven quality and dependability.

Our engineering and installation professionals have the knowledge and expertise needed to custom design a highly developed cryogenic system for your particular application. Even the most complex of systems can be developed in an adequate amount of time, at an efficient cost, giving you an excellent return on your investment.

We service many of the leading medical schools and biotechnology companies in the region providing only the highest in quality of gases, dry ice and cryogenic equipment.

Our highly skilled technicians will be more then happy to discuss your application in greater detail when most convenient for you. We look forward to personally meeting with you and visiting your facility for a complementary consultation. Remember at Tech Air we guarantee your satisfaction!

Tech Air is the largest distributor of Taylor-Wharton Cryogenic Equipment in the New York and Connecticut areas. They are a leading manufacturer of liquid dewars and other related cryogenic equipment.

For more information regarding Cryogenic Equipment please contact Sales at 800-949-5157 or via e-mail at


Tech Air is a leading supplier of Taylor-Wharton Cryogenic Dewars. To obtain additional information regarding Taylor-Wharton Equipment please contact Sales at 800-949-5157 or via e-mail at

Cryogenic Dewars

Taylor-Wharton's advanced range of cryogenic dewars meets your needs - flexibly, efficiently and economically.

  • LD Series (Liquid Dewars) - Dewars for storing and dispensing small amounts of liquid nitrogen.