Tech Air Company Overview | Gas Supply & Delivery Services


Company Overview

Tech Air has been a leading provider of industrial, medical and specialty gases, equipment and supplies since 1935. We take tremendous pride in our people, products and the value we offer our customers. We also take great pride in our industry and take every step to represent ourselves and our peers to the best of our abilities.

We are a family-run business, with family values at the center of everything we do. We operate on principles of respect, quality, hard work and dedication. This approach has enabled us to grow in recent years. As our customers embrace our vision, we have sought new ways to serve them. Today, with strong financial backing, we see continued opportunities to extend our customer-first approach to service excellence.

After more than seven decades in the business, we continue to maintain the highest standards so we can provide our customers with "Nothing But the Best" in experience, quality and reliability.